Polestar to supply batteries for Candela’s ‘flying’ electric boats

Polestar NASDAQ PSNYW supply batteries Candela flying electric boats
Candela chief executive officer Gustav Hasselskog says combining its technology with Polestar will speed up mass market adoption of electric boats.

Luxury electric vehicle maker Polestar (NASDAQ: PSNYW) has announced a multi-year agreement to supply electric boat manufacturer Candela with regular batches of batteries and charging systems.

In a statement, Polestar said the deal was the start of a “broader intended partnership” between both Swedish companies, which are “committed to exploring further opportunities for future collaboration.”

Polestar chief executive officer Thomas Ingenlath said the opportunity to support Candela’s innovative efforts was too exciting to pass up.

“I am fascinated by way Candela’s boats glide elegantly and efficient through, or better, over the water – amazing proof of the great aesthetics and experiences modern, sustainable technology can create,” he said.

“As a battery supplier to Candela, we can help drive the transition to cleaner oceans and lakes, and electrify waterborne transport.”

Candela chief executive officer Gustav Hasselskog said the collaboration would help advance the lagging electrification of the marine sector.

“Marrying Candela’s hydrofoil technology to industry-leading batteries from Polestar means we can speed up the mass market adoption of electric boats,” he said.

“While electrification of cars has come a long way in the last few years, the marine sector has been lagging behind. Together with Polestar, I believe we can change that.”

Candela’s best-selling C-8 model

Candela prides itself on “pushing the boundaries of what electric boats and ships can do” with its new C-8 model, which has become the best-selling electric boat in Europe.

The company’s technology incorporates aviation-inspired hydrofoil technology combined with its advanced flight control computers.

Candela’s C-FOIL system enables its boats to reach speeds of 30 knots, in absolute silence, without pollution, wake, noise or leaving a trace behind.

Carbon fibre hydrofoils within the boats can generate lift at high speeds to raise the hull above the water, hence the “flying” boat title it has received.

Once flying, the boat is balanced by its flight controller, a computer that manages side winds, different loads and waves.

The Candela C-8 model also uses 80% less energy than other similar boats at high speeds.

Candela’s C-POD

As well as the C-8 model which is sweeping interest across Europe, Candela’s engineers have designed the C-POD, deemed to be the most energy-dense boat motor ever created.

Being just 10cm in diameter, the motor provides 23% more range than others due to very low drag, while also being able to go 3,000 hours of use without service.

Less maintenance is required due to no oil, and fewer moving parts.

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