Genetic Technologies to launch world-first comprehensive risk assessment test for breast and ovarian cancer

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By Filip Karinja - 

A ground-breaking comprehensive risk assessment test is set to be introduced by Genetic Technologies (NASDAQ: GENE) to assesses the likelihood that a woman will develop breast and/or ovarian cancer, whether as a result of a hereditary genetic mutation or the much more prevalent familial or sporadic cancer.

The test integrates Genetic Technologies’ patented and proprietary GeneType platform for both cancers and offers a thorough risk assessment through a quick saliva test.

The new test platform compares the classification rate of women at elevated risk to traditional clinical tools and assesses the susceptibility to breast and ovarian cancer from both common and uncommon genetic variants, along with other known clinical risk factors associated with the development of both diseases.

The comprehensive risk assessment test will be made available through Genetic Technologies’ business to business (B2B) and consumer initiated testing (CIT) channels in the United States after receiving the necessary regulatory approval and clinical validation.

The test will be on display at the BRCA 2023 Symposium in Montreal in May later this year.

Women are currently underscreened and underdiagnosed for cancer

Every year, more than 2.26 million new cases of breast cancer and 313,000 new cases of ovarian cancer are discovered worldwide. Each year, 297,790 new cases of invasive breast cancer and 19,880 new cases of ovarian cancer are reported in the US.

According to clinical criteria, women are currently underscreened and underdiagnosed for the risk of developing hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome (HBOC).

Women are given their risk profile and the chance to take proactive steps to increase screening and lower their risk of developing these diseases thanks to Genetic Technologies’ thorough risk assessment for both cancers. A single sample of saliva is used for the risk assessment, along with a short questionnaire.

The Budget Impact Model (BIM) created independently by Genetic Technologies supports the use of this test as a population-based genetic screening for breast and ovarian cancer, offering a compelling health and financial argument to payers and insurers in the US.

Early detection is key

An increase in early-stage, screen-detected cancers may result from the additional screening in a group of women identified by GeneType as being ‘at risk’.

These cancers are associated with high five-year survival rates of 99% for breast and 93% for ovarian cancer.

“GTG believes this comprehensive risk test for breast and ovarian cancer is one of our most important and significant contributions to the advancement of population-based genetic testing. We are moving beyond rare cancer-susceptibility genetics,” Genetic Technologies chief executive officer Simon Morriss said.

“We can look for the needle in the haystack, but we are also able to look at the haystack itself. Our non-invasive risk assessment test will address cancer risk at a population health level,” he added.

Through its unique and cutting-edge GeneType platform, Genetic Technologies is paving the way in providing women with a thorough risk assessment for both breast and ovarian cancer.

This test will give women the chance to take proactive steps to lower their risk of contracting these diseases and enhance the results of their general health.

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