Blockmate investee Hivello forms strategic alliances to boost DePIN sector ahead of token launch

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By Imelda Cotton - 
Blockmate TSXV MATE Hivello strategic alliances DePIN sector token launch

Decentralised physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) developer Hivello has partnered with three technology agencies in the lead-up to a token launch in August.

The company will work with Dubai-based marketing firm Luna PR, technical growth agency Winn Solutions and blockchain specialist Forgd to help expand its reach to seasoned crypto enthusiasts and newcomers who can seamlessly participate in the decentralised economy.

Luna will leverage its extensive experience within the Web3 space while Winn, which collaborates exclusively with projects that exhibit “exceptional potential,” will work on the strategy and launch alongside Forgd, which will provide tools and protocol performance before and after the token generation event (TGE).

Growing sector

Hivello chair and co-founder Domenic Carosa welcomed the partnerships as a way of growing the DePIN sector.

“These collaborations signify a powerful convergence of vision and expertise, amplifying our broader mission to create a dynamic and rewarding space for DePINs worldwide,” he said.

Luna chief executive officer Nikita Sachdev believes the collaboration will see greater crypto adoption in the market.

“We recognise the growing need for Web3 companies and entities to innovate to encourage broader crypto adoption and Hivello’s mission is a prime example of that,” he said.

“Our collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of reshaping the Web3 landscape and we are delighted to support Hivello by bringing more awareness to the overlooked and highly fragmented DePIN niche in our market.”

Pushing boundaries

Winn Solutions founder Jared Winn was equally keen to work with Hivello.

“This is an exciting opportunity to push the boundaries of what is possible in the DePIN space,” said Winn.

“With Hivello, we aim to drive innovation and enhance the user experience, making decentralised infrastructure more accessible and rewarding for everyone.”

Forgd chief executive officer Shane Molidor echoed Mr. Winn’s sentiments.

“At Forgd, we have an arsenal of tools to support entities with token launches and we believe that combining our expertise with Hivello’s innovative product will lead to an engaging and successful TGE,” he said.

Blockmate venture

Hivello was created by the global investment vehicle Blockmate Ventures (OTC: MATEF) after it discovered an opportunity to leverage under-utilised computing power around the world to create a DePIN network while providing internet users with a platform to generate passive income.

Through Hivello, Blockmate’s goal is to make DePIN accessible to individuals without needing them to have knowledge of the technology, democratising access to decentralised infrastructure.

Deconstructing DePIN

DePIN refers to the application of blockchain technology to physical infrastructure and systems.

It seeks to leverage blockchain and other technologies to create decentralised networks for tangible infrastructure such as energy grids, supply chains, telecommunications, real estate and transportation systems.

In energy, for example, decentralised grids can enable peer-to-peer trading, with all interactions recorded transparently on the blockchain.

Smart contracts can automate transactions, promoting efficiency and renewable energy use and, in some cases, users may also receive cryptocurrency rewards as incentives to encourage participation and growth.

In the supply chain industry, DePIN can provide greater transparency and traceability by recording every step of a company’s production and distribution process.

The process promotes the authenticity and integrity of products and can help prevent fraud, counterfeiting and other illicit activities.

Massive market

Research estimates the potential market size of the DePIN sector to be around $2.2 trillion, with the space projected to grow up to $3.5t by 2028.

Mr Carosa said Hivello’s vision and long-term business strategy could be “actualised and accelerated” by onboarding three reputable partners in an effort to establish itself as a pioneer in the growing DePIN space.

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